Photographic Exhibition

The exhibition consists of a variable number (up to 30) of photographs in black and white format 500 x 700 mm, depending on the exhibition space available.
The exhibition includes three sections, each dedicated to a particular environment.

For every room / section of the exhibition is planned an explanatory summary, useful to clarify the context in which they were photographed.
If possible, each section will have a background sound, it consists of ambient sounds and interviews with laborers. The soundtrack will be in loop and provide an atmosphere of the place, that will create an experience, rather than an informative communication or journalism.

The Location

We have selected a series of photographs taken in two camps, located a few kilometers away from each other, near Borgo Mezzanone, in the municipality of Manfredonia. These seasonal slums tend to bring together immigrants hailing from neighboring geographic areas, and create a sense of ethnic ghettos, frightening in itself, the division of the world between rich and poor, between races and 'subraces'.

Aim of the exhibition

In the year that the EXPO 2015 in Milan celebrates the theme of Food, though there are rare critical looks on our uncomfortable food industry. The photo exhibition wants to open a hole in the heavy veil that covers our awareness as citizens and consumers.

Aware of the scale of the issue, we have focused our attention on a single aspect of the phenomenon, namely the housing condition of immigrant laborers in temporary residential camps, hoping that this perspective, even limited, may stimulate a civil and democratic discussion.

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